April 3, 1944: American aircraft bomb Budapest. Eichmann and Peter Hain, the head of the Hungarian Secret Police, demand that the Jewish Council provide 500 apartments to compensate Christian air raid victims.

April 4, 1944: Ministry of the Interior issues decree requiring the registration of Jews. Hungarian authorities begin the confiscation of 1,500 Jewish apartments and the confining of Jews to ghettos.

April 5, 1944: Rezsö Kasztner and Joel Brand meet Wisliceny for the first time along with other members of the SS, Paul Carl Schmidt, Chief of Information and Press Division of the German Foreign Office in Budapest, Josef Winninger, and Abwehr officer, and Erich Klausnitzer, a senior Gestapo agent.

Wisliceny demanded $2 million dollars to implement in Hungary what was known as the "Europa Plan" - a suspension of deportations to concentration camps.

April , 1944: The first installment of 3 million Pengos (Hungarian currency equalling about $92,000) is delivered by Kasztner to Hermann Krumey and Otto Hunsche, a close associate of Adolph Eichmann.

April 16, 1944: Jews of Carpatho-Ruthenia and Northeastern Hungary are driven into ghettos.

April 21, 1944: Kasztner met with Krumey and Hunsche to deliver the balance of the $200,000 demanded as "downpayment" on the "Europa Plan."

Krumey offers a new wrinkle on the "Europa Plan." The Germans will permit a certain number of Jews to emigrate to America or any other neutral country that will admit them.

Krumey offers to allow the 600 holders of Palestine immigration certificates to leave Hungary and offers to permit an additional 100 to leave with them if Kasztner can provide a per capita payment of 100,000 Pengos ( about $3,000 a head).

April 25, 1944: Eichmann enters the negotiation process, inviting Joel Brand to with him. Eichmann offers to "sell" one million Jews in exchange for certain goods to be obtained outside of Hungary.

  • 10,000 trucks
  • 200 tons of tea
  • 800 tons of coffee
  • 2 million cases of soap
  • unspecified amount of tungsten

Eichmann further stipulated that the first 100,000 Jews would be released and the gas chambers at Auschwitz would be blown up as soon as a positive response is received from the Allies regarding his proposal.